Colin Lamb & Sons Ltd

Bodywork repair

Smart Repairs and small bodywork repairs that can be done to your car at a fraction of the cost of it going to a bodyshop.

We can carry out the repairs and your home or place of work.

We have all the latest technology in our vans that allows us to match the paint to your car straight away.

Weather it be a small scuff on a bumper, small scratch on a door or wing then please get In touch via the website.

FAQs about Smart Repairs

~Can a rust repair be a Smart Repair?
=Yes is can but rust will eventually re surface, we can do everything possible to stop it but it will return at some point in the future. Rust repairs also do no come with any warranty/guarantee

~Whats the biggest onsite job we can do?
=The biggest on site job we would do is a whole panel, if its any bigger than that we would refer it back to our unit to be done.

~How many Smart Repairs can be done on one car?
=We could do 2 or 3 bumper corners at once on the same car, or 2 or 3 local repairs on various panels.

~Can a bonnet be Smart Repaired
=No a bonnet cannot be Smart repaired as it is to big a panel to do. We would refer it back to our unit in Aylesford.