Aylesford Alloy & Smart Repairs

Leather repairs

QUESTION? Does it Come Off?
ANSWER: Our coatings are designed to withstand a 300lb man getting in and out of a car 60,000 times over 4 days with 0% fading, cracking, wear and tear.

QUESTION? Mobile Service
ANSWER: We come to you at your home or place of work. We offer a clean, efficient, friendly service using fully qualified operatives. We use water based coatings so its environmentally friendly and does not does not leave unsightly odours

QUESTION? Colour Matching
ANSWER: Using a photo spectrometer we can match any leather or vinyl to within 99% of its original colour

QUESTION? Can anything leather be repaired?
ANSWER: Yes pretty much everything leather can be repaired from Sofas, Arm chairs, Cushions, Shoes, Handbags, Car seats, Dashboards, Door cards, Steering Wheels, Centre consoles the list goes on