Aylesford Alloy & Smart Repairs


from £40.00

  • Snow foam
  • Two bucket wash
  • Micro fibre drying cloth
  • Spray wax coating
  • Interior valet
  • Final inspection

1 per month – £40
2 per month – £75
3 per month – £80
4 per month – £120

We can offer a first class service that comes to you at home or at work.

  • Work place mini valets
  • Full valets
  • Car protection pacakges
  • Enhancement detail


from £150

  • Snow foam
  • Two bucket wash
  • Alloy wheel deep clean
  • Inner arches
  • Dry with micro fibre towel
  • Clay bar and decontamination
  • First stage machine polish for swirl and oil and polish removal
  • Second stage polish to improve shine
  • Wax protection
  • Interior valet
  • Final inspection
  • Electric polishing


Snow foam

Using the best products available, your car would start by getting a snow foam wash with our snow foam cannon.

Detailing system

With our detailing system we use the best products around. We use a mixture of the best machine and rotary polishers available to remove swirl marks, scratches, bird lime marks and even if you just want to restore your cars shine and depth of colour then we are the people for you.

The process starts by giving your car a good clean so we can see the condition of it. Then we clay bar cloth the whole car removing tar, tree sap and any other surface defects so then the car is all ready for the detailing process to begin.

There are 4 polishing stages to our detailing system.
Course – Medium – Fine – Ultra Fine

Once these stages are complete we apply the best car wax available so your car has a amazing mirror finish leaving your car like new.

Your car will also get a full interior clean just to finish it off.