Smart Repair Centre for Bodywork, Paint and Leather Repairs

Coming soon, we will be launching a detailing process, keeping your car in brand new condition.
Using the latest technology we can remove swirl marks, scratches, birdlime stains etc
Watch this space.

We have been specializing in SMART (Small Medium Area Repair Technology) repairs for the last 10/12 years.
We have acquired a vast knowledge of this industry and our repairs can cost just a third of bodyshop prices and in many cases repairs are carried out on the same day or the next day.
SMART (Small Medium Area Repair Technology) repairs for:
alloy wheels, bumper scuffs, scratches, leather or vinyl interiors, phone hole repairs and the colouring of leather seats, door cards, dashboards, the list goes on.
All the services we offer at our Centre can also be offered as a mobile service at your home, office or dealership. We also offer a collection and delivery service if needed.
We deal with many local dealerships of all marques, colour, size, interior and exteriors. We fulfil their specific need for a quick quality repair at an affordable price.